Doctors – Doctors Loans, Practice Loans for Doctors

Doctors always need to have a steady supply of funds in order to ensure unhindered services and to stay ahead in cut-throat competition. There are several expenses that can put pressure on existing credit lines such as saving bank accounts and credit cards. At Gable Asset Finance we understand that a steady cash flow is essential for physicians and hence we offer unsecured practice loans for doctors ranging between £5,000 and £500,000.

Primary Benefits of Practice Loans for Doctors from Gable Asset Finance:

Our unsecured practice loans for doctors have several benefits which are listed below:

  • Flexibility: Our loans provide unmatched flexibility to physicians. Doctors can select the repayment period depending on their financial needs and business performance. The minimum allowed repayment term is 6 months and the maximum allowed term is 5 years.
  • Competitive: Our loans are highly competitive. We ensure that we provide the lowest interest rates which stay fixed over the entire repayment period even if the market interest rates increase.
  • Freedom: We provide absolute freedom to our clients. Physicians are absolutely free to decide ‘when, where and how much’ they want to invest in their businesses. We don’t interfere at all.
  • Minimised Capital Overlay: Doctors are free to invest in medical equipment, medicine supplies, journals etc. This helps to minimise capital overlay because of flexibility in budget planning and hence, ensures maximised returns on investment.
  • Alternate Credit Line: Our unsecured practice loans for doctors open up alternate credit lines for physicians and thereby minimise the pressure on existing ones like saving bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Risk Free: Our loans are unsecured loans and we do not ask for any collateral against the loan money. This completely eliminates the risk of losing personal or business assets.
  • Fast: We take no more than 48 hours to process loan applications and approve them. For all approved applications, loan funds are disbursed within 48 hours from the time of application.

Uses of Practice Loans for Doctors from Gable Asset Finance:

Our practice loans for doctors can be used by physicians for anything related to business. We don’t interfere with the usage. Here are some of the possible uses of these unsecured loans:

  • Funding VAT and Tax liabilities.
  • Paying annual premiums for insurance.
  • Funding new recruitment fees.
  • Funding computer software and hardware.
  • Funding medical equipment, medicine supplies, journals and books.
  • Funding practice refurbishments and office equipment.
  • Funding partner buy-ins and buy-outs.
  • Funding business expansion, acquisition and relocation costs.

More Reasons to Choose Our Services:

At Gable Asset Finance we believe in exceeding the expectations of our clients. Here are some of the other reasons to select our services:

  • Experience: Years of experience working with physicians has empowered us with the knowledge of problems that doctors face in their businesses. This allows us to better understand their needs and tailor our services accordingly.
  • Privacy: We understand that privacy is important and hence, we make sure that information about our clients is kept completely confidential.
  • Trained Staff: Our customer care staffs are highly trained and polite. They can provide accurate information and even provide personalised solutions to our clients.
  • We Listen: We don’t just sell loan products. We listen to the problems and needs of our clients before making any offer. We know that understanding the needs is vital to provide a better service.