Optical Equipment Finance

Gable Asset Finance are able to arrange business finance and leasing on all Ophthalmic Capital Equipment. Located in the London with an national outreach, Gable Asset Finance have been arranging business finance and leasing optical equipment and furniture to opticians for many years and have become well known in the optical sector.

We are specialist suppliers of equipment for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Business finance and leasing on optical equipment such as:-

  • Multifunctional ophthalmic diagnostic equipment
  • Aberrometry equipment
  • Biometry equipment
  • Specular microscopy equipment
  • Auto-refractors
  • Lens meters
  • Topography & keratometry equipment
  • Ophthalmoscopes & retinoscopes
  • Field analysers
  • Slit lamps
  • Tonometers
  • Diagnostic cameras including retinopathy fundus cameras for the National Screening programme
  • Retinal angiograph equipment
  • Retinal tomography equipment
  • OCT machines
  • Lenses to support diagnostic equipment (ie Volk type)
  • Computerised sight charts

If you are considering leasing optical equipment to free up your capital, we will be pleased to get one of our business finance and leasing team to contact you