Agricultural Mortgage

With years of expertise in farm, land, rural and equestrian finance, we understand the rural dynamics and the needs of agricultural and equestrian business owners. It is because of this, our agricultural mortgages are all aimed towards solving problems faced by these businesses on a day-to-day basis. Completely hassle-free, our mortgages are designed to help business owners to diversify and develop their business, reduce their outgoing expenses, repay their existing debts and more.

Unlike our commercial counterparts, we specialise in finance for different types of rural activities. For years we have been known for providing low-interest finance solutions to different types of rural businesses like agriculture, equestrian, farming, estates, horticulture and more.

Because of our extensive knowledge in rural finance and because of friendly approach, most of our customers are either returning customers or are recommended by those who have already taken out mortgages with us.

Our Customers

Our customers differ in terms of their vocation and financial status. Despite the fact that they all own some form of asset, they have one problem in common. They find it difficult to obtain cash flow simply because they either do not have a proper income proof or they fail to provide proper accounts.

What do our customers want?

Our customers have different needs for example:

  • Buying a dream property.
  • Finding a better deal with flexible terms and low interest rates.
  • Diversification and expansion of business.
  • Repayment of existing debts to reduce outgoing expenses.

Some of our customers may simply need an additional cash flow to refill their depleting cash reserves or just to cope with increasing financial pressure.

We understand that these things happen. It is because of this, our mortgage terms are very lenient. Unlike the High Street banks, we are not much concerned about age of the borrower. Arrears, lack of income proof, CCJ’s etc. are not really very important for us. We consider all loan applications and evaluate them properly to find out if there is some way out that can be used to help the applicants. Good news is that, most of the times we do manage to find a way out.

Apart from providing agricultural mortgages, we also consider some very serious situations that are invariably turned down by High Street banks such as:

  • Financial dispute resolution.
  • Bankruptcy history.
  • Assisting with Corporate Voluntary Agreement.
  • Assisting with Individual Voluntary Agreement.
  • Title issues.
  • Negotiating with existing lenders and banks.

So, if you are from a rural area and you are looking for financing solutions, feel free to get in touch with us today. We promise that we will do our best to help you. You can contact us at  0845 612 2626 or apply for a mortgage using our online application form. You may also request a call back from us and one of our experienced and highly trained representatives will get in touch as soon as possible.