Working Capital Finance

Working Capital Finance Explained

About Factoring

We provide total outsourced services for:

  • Generating instant working capital
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Assisting your business growth
  • Saving your money & time for absolute credit control

 About Invoice Discounting

  • Very suitable for all well established businesses
  • Clients are in control for debt collection & sales ledger
  • It is normally confidential so that your customers do not know about the facility

About Trade Finance

  • Import Finance for your finished goods
  • Revolving stock purchase services for all wholesalers, importers & distributors over confirmed purchase orders.

We provide unbiased and helpful advice to help you select best of the funders to match up your circumstances specifically for contractual and technically challenging cases.

Choosing the right funder is a critical decision, our experience and fact based knowledge can help you make informed decisions.