Capsule polishing machines

Gable Asset Finance are business finance and leasing specialist for inspection-, sorting- and feeding equipment for the pharmaceutical and confectionery industry. We can arrange business finance and leasing from everything from small-sized sorters to complex inspection system combinations. 

We can arrange business finance and leasing for capsule polishing machines that can not only carry out the polishing of capsules but can also automatically reject low weight capsules, loose piece and fragments of capsules.

We can arrange business finance and leasing for single machines to whole plant for hard capsule and soft gelatin capsule on items such as:

  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • Counting Machine
  • Blister Packing Machine
  • Liquid Filling Machine
  • Cartoning Machine
  • Automatic Labeling Machine
  • Auto Powder Filling Plugging Capping Machine
  • Powder Processing Machine

Gable Asset Finance have a successful track record raising asset and equipment  for our clients – irrespective of their size. Please call us today or apply online.