Agglomeration machines and equipment finance

Gable Asset Finance is able to provide business finance and leasing solutions to meet agglomeration needs for companies all over the UK. We can arrange business finance for business requiring machinery and equipment finance whether the purpose is to eliminate dust and fines, convert a waste to a marketable product, or improve product.

The continued gathering of agglomeration process knowledge has produced the means to change what were once financially draining problems into income producing solutions. It helps reduce environmental impact and applies to a wide range of industries
throughout the UK.

Gable Asset Finance work with a variety of sectors requiring agglomeration machinery and equipment such as:-

  • Disc Pelletizing machinery and equipment
  • Paddle Mixer Agglomeration machinery and equipment
  • Drum Granulation machinery and equipment
  • Pin Mixer Agglomeration machinery and equipment
  • Briquetting/Compaction machinery and equipment

Whether it is a new or existing process, purchase new plant or optimize your existing plant the team at Gable Asset Finance can help with business financing and leasing solutions.

Who uses agglomeration, and what materials are agglomerated? A representative list of industries,and some of the materials they agglomerate, include:

Ag Chemicals: fertilizers, gypsum, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, soil conditioners, aglime, dolomite

Cement / lime: raw meal, kiln dust

Ceramics: alumina, catalyst, tile mix, press feed, frits, color

Chemicals: soda ash, sodium sulfate, detergents, cleaners, zinc oxide, pigments, dyes, industrial carbons, carbon black, pharmaceutical compounds

Copper: concentrates, smelter dust, precipitates

Ferralloy: silicon, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome

Glass: glass raw mix, glass powder

Gold/Silver recovery: mine tailings

Steel: EAF bag house dust, coke fines, raw materials,iron ore pellets

Utilities: ash, coal, dust, FGD sludge
Our business finance and leasing experts are among the Uks most knowledgeable and experienced  business finance and leasing professionals that can advice on an array of financial products that allow businesses to gain access to reliable, technologically advanced agglomeration machinery and systems.