Dentist – Financing for Dentists

Dental practices are often crippled because of serious financial crunch. Dentists need to get latest dental equipment to stay ahead of competition by winning trust of their customers. There are several other expenses that too require a steady cash flow. Fishing out existing credit lines like credit cards and saving bank accounts can lead to financial imbalances that can negative affect the businesses. This is where dental financing by Gable Asset Finance makes sense. Designed to help dentists out of their financial problems, our unsecured financing for dentists are flexible and loans ranging between £5,000 and £500,000.

Highlights of Unsecured Dental Financing by Gable Asset Finance :

Our unsecured dental financing products are designed to address the problems generally faced by dentists. Some of the benefits of these unsecured loans are mentioned below:

  • These loans allow dentists to invest in latest dental equipment, thereby reducing their capital overlay and maximising their returns on investment.
  • We offer most competitive interest rates that stay fixed throughout the repayment period even if the market rates of interest fluctuate.
  • We allow our customers to choose the repayment period they are comfortable with. Our clients are free to select a repayment period between 6 months and 5 years and we honour their choice.
  • These are unsecured loans and we do not ask for any collateral thus completely eliminating the risk of losing personal or professional assets.
  • Dental financing by Gable Asset Finance  allow customers to free up existing credit lines like credit cards and saving bank accounts thereby releasing financial burden.

Why Select Unsecured Dental Financing by Gable Asset Finance ?

At Gable Asset Finance we believe that financial needs vary for every dental practitioner. That is why we provide customised financial solutions for every individual customer. We also value our client’s privacy and understand that listening to their problems puts them in a comfort zone. This is where we are different from our peer competition. Here are a few highlights of our specialised services:

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: We make sure that we keep the information of our clients private and confidential. We never share any kind of information with any third party as that put reputation of businesses at stake.
  • Personalised Approach: Though we have extensive knowledge of the problems that arise in dental practices, we still believe that listening to our clients is important. So, we listen carefully and provide personalised advices and solutions to clients.
  • Trained and Polite Customer Service: We boast a team of highly trained and polite customer service staffs. They are equipped with necessary knowledge to handle all customer queries and provide spot solutions.
  • Complete Freedom: We make sure that we provide complete freedom to our clients when it comes to spending the loan money. Our clients are always in a better position to evaluate their business requirements and hence, they stay in control. They spend the money the way they see fit.

What are the Possible Uses of Financing for Dentists by Gable Asset Finance ?

The loan money can be used for just anything which include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding practice refurbishment and recruitment fees.
  • Covering VAT expenses and Tax liabilities.
  • Funding office furniture, advanced dental equipment, computer software and hardware.
  • Covering annual premiums for insurance.
  • Funding practice expansion, relocation or acquisition expenses.