Services to Vendors

Access to Finance Services For Vendors

It is a smart way of selling your products to customers by offering them finance options. We provide easy and smart way for your each customer to pay the cost of product. In turn, you customers benefit from spreading the total cost of the product or asset over an easy period of time and terms to fit their suitability. This way, you can make your products even more affordable.

Our services are not just limited to money; we also staple trust and confidence. We offer best of the market rates form the most renowned and trusted names like ING, Siemens, Barclays, BNP Paribas etc. More than thousands of prominent vendors use our trust worthy services and our finance partners.

Why Should You Get Finance

  • Increase Your Customer Retention Rate: Sell More & Often

When you use our services and finance market place, you secure your customer’s finances to add an entire new world of emerging opportunities.

  • Increased Business And Order Value

With our finance services, your customers are empowered to book higher order value since they don’t have to pay huge upfront amounts. It is a total winning situation for you as well as for your customers.

  • More Benefits

By providing the option of finance to your sales proposals, you add a compelling benefit that is hard to be ignored by the customer to indulge into sales.

  • Maximized Sale & Revenue Generation

Financing makes your products more customer friendly, affordable and thus you book higher sales to generate more revenue per month.

  • Benefit Repeat Business & Loyal Customers

Unlike direct purchases, the associated cash flow and tax benefits of financing a product that your customers get puts you in a beneficial position to gain higher value orders, repeated business and loyalty of customers. This is the reason why 90% of Dow Jones and FTSE 100 companies put their technologies on lease.

  • Accelerate The Sales Process

By financing, you can easily avoid time taking and complicated budget approval processes. Finance plans can be finalized quickly.

  • Lessen The Discount Values

The flexible and customizable finance deals for IT finance leverage you to not compromise on price or with discounts.

  • Get paid With 100% Upfront Payments

We pay you 100% value of the product upfront; so, you do not need to manage the cash flow operations of the customers. We help you to build your business affirmatively.

  • Improve Your Customer Loyalty Quotient

Services like upgrades and other value adding facilities can be a part of your association with your customer. This often does not need any increase in the scheduled payment.