Commercial Property Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans And Commercial Mortgages

We provide flexible finance solutions for all our clients to help them secure their business premises that they need for commercial mortgages that is also right for them.

For occasions, we may also provide 100% business finance for over the purchase cost up to a value of 75% as in form of closed commercial bridging loan. Such type of closed bridging loans can only be provided to applicants who have exchanged. We may also provide open bridging loans for commercial purpose (only available before completion) for up to total 75% value of the property.

  • Bridging loans are available from £25K to £50,000,000
  • Self Certification or Non status facilities are also available for clients that do not have income proof
  • Credit issues like loan defaults, mortgage arrears or judgements of the county court are also sometimes accepted
  • Loan offer can be released within 24 hours after formal acceptance

An Example Of Lately Accepted Commercial Bridging Loan:

  1. The client had purchased commercial property for £3,750,000.
  2. The sale was negotiated through a third party to finish in a timeframe of three months at £6,600,000.
  3. 100% of total purchase price that is £3,750,000 was accepted by the bank for 4% over the base rate.

Contact us right away through our website or call us to know how we can help you. Remember that we are always ready to help you irrespective of your business type and status.