Agitators and Mixer Equipment Finance

Choosing an agitator depends upon the specific gravity and viscosity of the products to be mixed. Agitators need to be designed, engineered and manufactured to suit individual applications.  Gable Asset Finance can arrange business finance and leasing for new, used & reconditioned agitators such as:

  • Vertical
  • Portable
  • Horizonal
  • Paddle Agitators
  • Anchor Agitators
  • Radial Propeller Agitators
  • Propeller Agitators
  • Turbine Agitators
  • Helical Agitators
  • Closed bottom
  • Open bottom
  • Offset – No Baffle:
  • Wide Sweep with Baffle
  • Total Sweep With Baffle
  • Total Sweep Without Baffle
  • Scraper Blade With Baffle
  • Heavy Products Scraper Blade
  • Vertical Bar Heavy Product Scraper Blade
  • Scraper Blade/Squirrel Cage Combination
  • Counter Rotating Scraper Blade
  • Counter Flow Dual Agitators
  • Blade 45° Turbine
  • Ladder Type Total Sweep
  • Helical
  • Ladder Type Heavy Products Scraper Blade
  • Horizontal Impeller/Air Agitation Combination Vertical Storage: 
  • Horizontal Impeller – Horizontal Storage
  • Wide Sweep – Horizontal Storage
  • Vertical Ladder Type – Horizontal Storage 
  • Wide Sweep – Horizontal Storage

Industrial agitators are machines used in industries that process products in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in a view of :

  • mixing liquids together
  • promote the reactions of chemical substances
  • keeping homogeneous liquid bulk during storage
  • increase heat transfer (heating or cooling)

Gable Asset Finance can arrange business finance and leasing for new, used & reconditioned agitators and mixers process suitable for use in the following industries:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Edible Oil Industry
  • Paint & Coatings Industry
  • Power Generation Industry


Every business at some stage will need to raise finance. There are many different types of asset finance available and Midas can provide you with various options to meet your requirements. At Gable Asset Finnace we aim to take the time and hassle out of sourcing the right deal for you. We do the work and you capitalise on the results.