Frying machines

Gable Asset Finance is one of the UK’s leading asset finance and leasing companies. We help all types of organisations to strengthen and grow their operations with the best asset leasing options available. Gable Asset Finance provides clients with levels of knowledge and craftsmanship that is unrivalled in the market. Our commitment to quality, reliability and excellent back up service has led to a growing number of clients in the food sector.

When it comes to commercial catering fryers there are lots of options, depending on the size and requirement of the businesses operations. Gable Asset Finance can arrange finance on:-

  • Counter top fryers.
  • Electric and gas models,
  • Twin basket fryers
  • Multi Purpose Range fryers
  • Free Standing fryers
  • Pressure Fryers
  • Industrial capacity fryers

Gable Asset Finance has amassed many years of experience in processing and packaging machines in a number of different sectors. We arrange business finance and leasing products for businesses requiring equipment for processing and packaging solutions to the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, animal feed and non-food industries, always in complete alignment with each customer’s individual requirements.