Brewery Equipment Finance

Gable Asset Finance can help arrange finance for  pub breweries, micro breweries, regional breweries, family brewers and macro breweries in the UK. 

Gable Asset Finance can arrange lease finance for all of the processing aids businesses need as well as laboratory and technical.

We are on hand to provide advice on marketing, sales, business plans and costs. We can also recommend customers to suitable  sources to receive information on utility requirements, legal permissions, site suitability and layout.

Typical brewery equipment 

  • Hot liquor (water) tank fully insulated and clad in decorative and practical varnished timber.
  • Permanent digital temperature display.
  • Infusion style mash tun insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber and underback
  • Copper (boiling kettle) insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber
  • stainless steel plate heat exchanger with wall brackets
  • Fermenting vessels
  •  Stainless steel hygienic transfer pumps
  • All associated valves, pipes, and fittings
  • Hop filter
  • Automatic underback and valentine
  • Clean in Place (CIP) system for the fermenting vessel – copper – heat exchanger ‘loop’
  • Cooling panels on stainless steel fermenting vessels for the addition of cooling water.
  • Small tools, instruments and fermenting vessel heater
  • Temperature probe pockets