Asset Finance

Equipment and Asset Finances For Businesses

We can arrange business finance and leasing products for virtually any business asset

  • Assists clients to acquire assets like machinery, vehicles and other such items
  • Secures the concerned asset
  • Allows businesses to repay for the financed asset over an fixed period of time that is not longer than standard useful life period of the financed asset
  • We offer hire purchase facilities
  • We offer contract hire products
  • We offer operating lease
  • We offer finance lease options

Commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a type of secured loan against any commercial property. We can arrange funds for purchase, refinancing or development of commercial property assets.

Highly Competitive Terms on business finance products

We can assist you to prepare the essential information to be presented to lenders across the UK.  After we have recognized a suitable lender for you and have your application submitted, we will administer your case all through the entire process

  • Factoring and invoice discounting
  • Trade finance
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Controlling your own credits

Every business is unique with unique requirements of customized individual cash flow solutions to leverage the working capital to be used to flourish the business perpetually.