Asset Finance for startups

Asset Finance for Startups

You can completely rely on out team to get you the perfect commercial leasing and asset finance solution for starting up your new business.

Whether you need finance for equipments or asset to be bought fresh or used, we can assist you with most suitable finance options.

Raising finances is often taken as the greatest obstacle to get started with a business; we get it all easy for you.

For financing new and recently started businesses, we need following:

  • Complete supporting write-up for each individual concerned with the business
  • Information about personal net worth of all owners or directors of the new start up business
  • Personal bank statements of last three years
  • All relevant experience about owning an already existing business or previously successful business

The chances of acceptance of finance increase with relevance and expedience of information that you provide.

Finance Options For New Startup Franchises 

We equally consider supported franchise and main brand for new and existing ones. New franchises will have the consideration over relevant experience of the involved individuals and existing franchise will have consideration over their success rate and ongoing franchisor’s support. Typical examples of franchise are Subway, Spar, Costcutter and Bagain Booze.

Once you are ready with your detailed business plan, you will be in a clear position to have an idea about how much money you would need to setup the business. You must now consider how to arrange this required money.

There basically are 3 main methods:

  • Investing your own money that is available as in forms of savings or redundancy payment. It is called as self-financing.
  • Borrowing required money from some money lending organisations or banks. It is called as debt-financing.
  • Giving out other company specialist or people an equity or share in your business. It is called as equity financing.
  • Digging in deep your pocket

Making use of your own finances would mean sacrificing on many fronts like cutting down over domestic costs that could be severe in starting phases of your business. The only possible benefit in this case is that you will not need to pay interest over loans and total profit that you earn is completely yours.

As an experienced and independent broker, we include more than 100 lenders in our group across UK and International sphere. We can get you the desired funds to suitably finance your start up or new business.