Maintenance Inclusive Finance

Maintenance Inclusive Finance

There are many types of options of finance available like finance lease, operating lease or hire purchase. No matter what type of finance option you choose the maintenance inclusive finance option can easily be incorporated.

What Is Meant By Maintenance Inclusive Finance?

For most of the technical and heavy equipments, it is recommended to consider maintenance inclusive finance. Such agreements include breakdown cover and routine maintenance into single hassle free package. Some of the maintenance inclusive finance deals may also include added advantages for all the parts and components, service and cost of labour.

Main Benefits Of Maintenance Inclusive Agreements

  • Maintenance inclusive agreements are capable of saving money and time by including the quarterly service charges for the financed equipment with rental collection
  • The factor of cost over maintenance inclusive agreements can easily be collected with quarterly or monthly rental through direct debit
  • In a longer run, maintenance inclusive agreements can help enhance cash flow, control work load, ease credits and offer single solution to businesses
  • Some of the maintenance inclusive agreements charges can include maximum amount of metered units too

We Can Help You With Small Prints

  • Many contractors incur extra charges for consumables like filters, oil or waterpads
  • Some of the maintenance inclusive finance companies exempt abuse and misuse of the equipment, operator errors, vandalism clauses and fire.

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