Contract Hire

Contract Hire Explained

If you are looking for options to avoid risks, reduce costs and omit administrative work chores, we can customize options of management and fleet funding to fulfil your needs.

Who Can Be Benefitted By Our Service

No matter what is your fleet size, we have the perfect solution to fulfil your exact requirements.

About Contract Hire

Contract hire is a perfect solution for businesses that want to focus on their necessary business activities without any financial risk and burdens of administration to own their fleet of vehicles. It will have following benefits:

  • Easy budget planning with fixed rentals on whole package
  • Customizable terms to fulfil all your requirements, mileage terms and variable duration
  • Cost can be spread along with including vehicle maintenance as a part of monthly rentals
  • Depreciating assets can be removed from your balance sheet
  • Associated risks can be removed pertaining to owning the vehicles
  • You can claim 50% of VAT over finance element of the agreement, 100% over the maintenance which is applicable in case the vehicle is used for private or business use
  • 100% VAT on maintenance and finance are recoverable parts of the agreement that is applicable in case the vehicle is used purely for the purpose of business
  • Flexible arrangements of invoice to lessen administration

About Contract Purchase

Contract purchase is a perfect solution for businesses that need to have their own vehicles but also want to avoid the risks of depreciating assets.

  • It has same benefits as of contract hire in terms of flexible terms and fixed payments
  • If required, value added services and maintenance services can also be included
  • Can guarantee the vehicle’s resale value at the end time of contract over a fixed and known amount
  • Customer gets the ownership at the time contract agreement ends when all the payments are done and completed