Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting Explained

For businesses that are well established, bigger and highly profitable with their efficient and own departments for credit control, the remarkable service of Confidential Invoice Discounting is available.

The invoice financing method permits businesses to maintain their own collection of credits along with administrating it on confidential terms. Here is how you can adapt this method:

  1. Raise your invoice as normal
  2. Send a daybook listing of sales to your debtor finance company
  3. Your debtor finance company will then advance up to 90% of net listing of daybook
  4. Send the statements to chase your debtors as normal
  5. Your organisation collects the debts and banks cash (through trustee bank accounts)
  6. The debtor finance company takes out money from the company’s client
  7. Your debtor finance company would then return the remaining money after deducting their charges

Use The Available Cash On Your Sales Ledger For Your Company’s Benefit

  • It is a funding facility that is very flexible to release cash available in sales ledger.
  • Besides the benefits of cash flow, this efficient facility also offers sales ledger service that is dedicated with tactful and efficient function of cash collection.
  • This enables your company to focus on fresh and profitable business opportunities. It also provides safe and immediate cash with critical control.

1. The invoice is raised by your company and an invoice copy is submitted to the debtor finance company.

2. An invoice value of up to 90% is advanced by the debtor finance company.

3. The debtor finance company is responsible for cash collection and updating the sales ledger.

4. Your account is credited by the debtor finance company after deducting their charges.