Chiropractor – Loans for Chiropractics

Chiropractic practices require a constant flow of cash to cover both direct and indirect business expenses. If cash flows get bottle-necked, businesses lose their competitive edge and in worst case scenarios, find their reputation dwindling down. Chiropractic practices need to keep their medical equipment updated and often need to hire new employees. Factors like these and lead to sudden spikes in cash demands and existing credit lines can come under immense pressure. This is where unsecured chiropractic practice loans from Gable Asset Finance come to rescue.

These unsecured loans do not only open up new credit lines but also ensure minimised risks. Here are some of the benefits of unsecured chiropractic loans offered by Gable Asset Finance:

  • These are unsecured loans and do not require borrowers to provide any collateral. Thus, the risk of losing business or personal assets is completely eliminates.
  • These loans minimise capital overlay by allowing businesses to invest in expensive medical equipment. This allows maximisation of returns on investment over the long run.
  • These loans for chiropractics from Gable Asset Finance are very flexible. Borrowers are free to select the repayment period anywhere between 6 months to 5 years.
  • These unsecured loans are characterised by highly competitive fixed interest rates. Once the interest rates are fixed, borrowers will continue to repay the loan at agreed upon rates even if the market rates fluctuate.
  • These loans take off pressure from existing credit lines like credit cards and saving bank accounts.

Uses of unsecured chiropractic practice loans:

The unsecured loans from Gable Asset Finance can be used for any purpose. Some of the possible uses of these unsecured chiropractic practice loans include:

  • Funding X-ray equipment, treatment tables and other medical supplies.
  • Funding annual premiums for insurance.
  • Covering VAT and Tax expenses.
  • Funding computer software and hardware.
  • Funding practice refurbishment, partner buy-ins and buy-outs.
  • Funding new recruitment expenses and staff salary.
  • Covering expansion, acquisition and relocation expenses.

Why select Gable Asset Finance for chiropractic practice loans?

Gable Asset Finance is more customer-oriented rather than being business-oriented. We listen to our clients and understand their problems. We don’t force them to take out a loan but rather, we provide them with personalised advices and the offer them customised solutions that meet their business requirements. Here are a few reasons for selecting us as a lender:

  • Years of experience working with chiropractors has empowered us with the knowledge of problems faced by them.
  • We provide highly customised loan products ensuring that businesses do not fall under unnecessary financial burden.
  • We have highly trained and experience customer service employees who can deal with all queries and even provide personalised advice to anyone in need.
  • We keep our dealings private and confidential and do not hand over the data to third party businesses.